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Barn Quilts

I love to look for barn quilts as we travel, but my favorites of course are the family ones.  I am showing the one today that my cousin Janice hung on her barn in Darien, Wisconsin.  It is a replica of the quilt made by our great grandmother Hannah Hutchinson Davidson. She made the quilt […]

Madison Wisconsin Quilt Expo Trunk Show

Vintage Textiles With Wool Stitchery Eileen Daniels Lecture Price: $10.00 Select an Option Below                                                              Q18BB-T: Thur., Sept. 6, 2018 10 a.m..                                              […]

Phone Bag

I have been making these fun-to-wear phone purses for several years now, and I thought I could share a few pointers on making one. I have the iPhone 8 Plus so it is the bigger phone.  You can make yours smaller.  Just add 2” to your phone measurements both ways when planning the size. Mine […]