Barn Quilts

I love to look for barn quilts as we travel, but my favorites of course are the family ones.  I am showing the one today that my cousin Janice hung on her barn in Darien, Wisconsin.  It is a replica of the quilt made by our great grandmother Hannah Hutchinson Davidson. She made the quilt in 1875 and it was never used.It is in beautiful condition and is written about in the book History From the Heart Quilt Paths Across Illinios by Elber and Elbert.  I made a reproduction of it for my brother and sister in law who live on the same farm  where Hannah and her husband Thomas lived from 1890 to her death in 1939.Here is my brother Dick’s barn quilt in Harvard, IL.  It is the same pattern: Old Maid’s Puzzle.  He wanted it in the University of Illinois colors!  Here is a picture of my cousin Suzie’s quilt in Clinton Wisconsin.Today I want to highlight my barn quilt in Harvard, IL.  It is called Circling Swallows because I love the swallows that live in the barn, and dive bomb me when I mow the yard!Fun fact:  It was selected for the Barn Calendar for 2018.

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