Hankie Hearts

To make a hankie heart select two hankies. Most need to have interfacing. This can be an iron on such as a tricot interfacing. Make a pattern from freezer paper. Mine is a 5 inch heart.

This is a great way to use those special hankies!

Cut a pattern from freezer paper. Mine is a 5 Inch heart.

Most hankies need to have an interfacing added. I use tricot iron on interfacing.

Now you can add lace but no embellishments. Also, add the ribbon hanger, but be careful to keep it out of the way.

Sew around the hearts right sides together at 1/4 inch. Leave an opening from 1 inch up from bottom -up about 2 inches. Clip the curves being careful not to clip through the stitiching.

Turn the heart right side out and stuff with a polyester filling. Fold in the opening and hand stitch shut.

Hand stitch beads on a roll around the whole outside. I then hot glue on embellishments such as buttons, and little things. I usually sew on keys or pieces of jewlery.

Here is the other side of the hearts for inspiration! Have fun and share these with the special people in your life! They make a great door hanger or Christmas ornament or a daily reminder of your love for another!

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