Phone Bag

I have been making these fun-to-wear phone purses for several years now, and I thought I could share a few pointers on making one. I have the iPhone 8 Plus so it is the bigger phone.  You can make yours smaller.  Just add 2” to your phone measurements both ways when planning the size. Mine finishes 5.5″ x 7.5″.

Supplies needed: Bosal foam (5.25” X 14”); 6” of grosgrain ribbon; 6” x 16″ of a flannel fabric for lining; 6” x 16” outside fabric (it can be a hankie or any type of fabric, and you can embellish it before or after).   It will be finished at 5” x 7.5” for the front so stay in those perimeters when embellishing.

Cut the lining and the front 6’ X 16″ (or add 2 inches to your cell phone size both lengthwise and across). Lay the lining wrong side up, next bosel foam (centered)on top of that, and put the fashion fabric on the top right side up.

Quilt if desired. At a minimum, sew at the edges of the bosal foam thru all three layers. Sew across the middle from side to side. This will help it fold in half at 7.5”. Cut the piece down to 5.5” across and 15” long with the center quilted line at 7.5 from each end.

Bind both ends.

Sew 3” of grosgrain ribbon 1/2″ in from edge securely.

Fold purse in half and sew the other end of the ribbon to top binding to form loops for carabiners.

Fold in half and sew side seams at ¼” backstitching at the top.

Finish edges.

Turn right side out!

Add carabiners to the loops.

This is a phone purse made from 2 hankies with added lace.

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