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PRODUCTS: Refrigerator magnets/ buttons

Name/Description Inventory Price Qty
Button (1) 1 15/16 Walnut and Maple pie shaped wedges. The tiny stripes of walnut are 1/16 inch. 9 $10.00
Button (3) 1 13/16 inch Wisconsin black cherry, walnut, maple, and European Cherry pie shapes with dark center square. 2 $14.00
Button (6) 2 1/4 inch button with mixed woods and bloodwood stripes with walnut and elm for the outside borders. 8 $10.00
Button (14) 1 15/16 inch striped button in miscellaneous woods with bloodwood on outside. The bloodwood is a deep dark burgandy that is highlighted by variety of browns and Wisconsin hardwoods. 5 $10.00
Button (15) 1 5/8 inch button has several woods in the stripes with brazillian cherry on outside. The stripes are less than 1/8 inch wide. 9 $10.00
Button (24) 1 3/4 inch button with exotic woods. Zebrawood and ash with Wenge on the outside make this an attractive button. 8 $10.00
Button (41) 1.375 inch button of wenge and maple. It is striking. 2 $10.00
Button (46) 1.375 inch curly maple button with 1/8 inch stripe of wenge. 2 $10.00
Button (54) This 1 7/8 inch button has a variety of woods in a rail fence pattern. There are 12 different woods featuring a light and dark pattern. 4 $10.00
Button (53) This 2 1/4 inch button has 16 different woods in it to resemble a quilt patch. The outside is a medium brown elm. 6 $10.00
Button (56) This 2 1/4 inch button has 16 different woods in it, and is outstanding! 1 $10.00
Button (7) This rail fence designed button contains 16 different woods. It is 2 1/4 inches and beautiful. The rails are 1/4 inch wide. 3 $10.00
Button (21) This 2 1/4 inch button has a variety of woods, but is mostly walnut and sycamore with 2 stripes of elm. 3 $10.00
Button (51) This 2 inch button features Padauk (red)with maple and black locust on each side of it. The dark blocks are Brazilian Cherry and Walnut with corners of sycamore. It is bordered in darker sycamore. 3 $10.00
Button (61) This 2.25 inch button is a nine patch of maple and Brazillian Cherry with Padauk in the center. The border of the square is maple surrounded by Padauk which is rich in color. 3 $10.00
Button (45) This 2.25 button is a lovely 16 patch that is surrounded by Wisconsin light hackberry wood complete with natural worm holes. (the worms left) The woods of the patches are makore, black locust, babinga, maple, and bloodwood. 5 $10.00
stripe button This magnet, or button is made from Lacewood with two stripes of dark wenge and a stripe of sycamore in the middle. It measures 2.625" 5 $10.00
button (74) This 2.5/8 inch button or refrigerator magnet or Christmas ornament is made from dark wenge and light maple. The 8 pointed star is outstanding! 4 $10.00
button (72) This beautiful button is a hard one to make! It was made from dark wenge and light maple. It measures 2" and is striking! It could be a refrigerator magnet, or necklace. 5 $10.00
button (73) This lovely button is made from makore (the star), light and dark sycamore. It measures almost 2 inches. 4 $10.00
button (60) This button is a winner! It is made from black exotic wenge, bloodwood, black locust, and maple. It measures 2.5 inches. 4 $10.00
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