Eileen Daniels
IQA First in
Embellished 2015
AQS Best In Show
Garment 2010
Lecturer, Teacher,
Quilt Artist
Ross Daniels
40+ Years Experience
Woodworking Teacher, Craftsman with Wood


  • Vintage Textiles With a Creative Twist

    1 Hour Trunk Show and Lecture

    In this trunk show you will be inspired to make quilted items from vintage textiles. Highlighted will be men’s ties, hankies, lace doilies, embroidered pillowcases, and embroidered linens creatively quilted into wall hangings, table runners, purses, garments and quilts. Get ideas and the “how-to” preserve and display textiles with “found items” with a quilted twist.

  • Adding Texture With Stitchery

    1 hour Trunk Show and Lecture

    In this trunk show you will learn my winning techniques of wool applique with stitchery. Eileen will show ways of using various threads to embellish, and the last half of the trunk shows will concentrate on wool stitchery and incorporating it into examples from a mod podge bike helmet to a winning Houston quilt, and so many things in between! There will even be a few vintage textiles woven in! Tools, supplies and examples will be highlighted.

  • Orphan Blocks with Sentimental Endings!

    1 Hour Trunk Show and Lecture

    Collaged fabric art, designer pillows, fabulous quilts, wearable garments and accessories, all using orphan blocks will be shown in this humor filled trunk show. Orphan blocks will be used with “found items” for embellishments, and vintage fabrics will be showcased with construction details shared. New ideas for using leftover blocks will be the focus, with the "how-to" always the emphasis, so quilters will want to start using those orphan blocks in a variety of ways. There will be several antique quilts with their stories along with the inspired orphan block art quilts.

  • Love Affair with Linens and Lace

    1 hour Trunk Show and Lecture

    This new trunk show will motivate you to fall in love with wholecloth linen quilts, wall quilts, table runners and more- all made with vintage linen tablecloths, napkins, doilies and lace. There will be new stories, and how to get started, along with a wealth of ideas and quilted examples to encourage a love affair with vintage treasures.

Lecture Fee: $200 for 1 hour trunk show. Meals, travel expenses & lodging if needed, are to be paid by the sponsor in addition to fee. Hotel is preferred. If location is near enough to drive, mileage is at a rate of 56.5 cents per mile, (or current government business rate). Airfare is at the economy rate, plus ground transportation to and from Chicago O'Hare Airport.
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