Eileen Daniels
IQA First in
Embellished 2015
AQS Best In Show
Garment 2010
Lecturer, Teacher,
Quilt Artist
Ross Daniels
40+ Years Experience
Woodworking Teacher, Craftsman with Wood


  • Ornaments

    These are handcrafted on the lathe. They are hollow, light, delicate, and individually beautiful! They are made from a variety of Wisconsin woods. The finish is a high gloss with a hand wiped poly, meant to be cherished as a keepsake.

  • Segmented One-of-a Kind Handcrafted Rolling Pins

    Each rolling pin has been designed witha combination of several Wisconsin woods with some exotics. When the rolling pins are turned on the lathe it shows the beauty of the various colors of wood grain. The rolling pins can be displayed or are functional. They are finished with danish oil and can have vegetable oil reapplied as needed when used in the kitchen. They must never be allowed to soak in water, but can be wiped off quickly with a damp rag.

  • Natural Edged Lathe Turned Bowls

    The bowls in this category are turned on the lathe from Cherry Burls that are found in Southern Wisconsin. The top of the bowl has the rough bark edge, but the inside is beautiful. They have been sanded for hours to be as smooth as a baby's bottom. The finish is danish oil then a protective satin or high gloss varathane latex finish of several coats was done.

  • Hand Crafted Designer Wooden Buttons

    The specialty buttons have several woods glued together before they are turned on the lathe. Each is beautiful and functional. They are limited in number since the wood color varies slightly in the tree. Most buttons have about 10 that are made from one blank. In general, they are from 1.5 inches to 3 inches so they look wonderful on coats, or purses. They are finished with several coats of varathane latex satin finish which highlights the grain. Some have been dipped in Danish oil to even bring out the grain even more before finishing. They are best removed before washing the garment.

  • Handcrafted Nestled Wooden Bowl Sets

    Ross loves to showcase the beautiful wood grain when he turns bowl sets on the lathe. All the bowls in a set come from the same log chunk. They are sanded to perfection and finished with Danish oil and then a latex satin or gloss varathane finish. All may be wiped out with a damp cloth, and are safe to use with food.

  • Trivet/cutting boards

    These decorative trivet/ serving boards can also be used as cutting boards on the back side. They have slices of Wisconsin and Texas woods in polycoat and are heat resistant so you can set a hot dish on it. They can be washed and dried quickly with soapy water and will be a conversation starter as well!

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