Eileen Daniels
IQA First in
Embellished 2015
AQS Best In Show
Garment 2010
Lecturer, Teacher,
Quilt Artist
Ross Daniels
40+ Years Experience
Woodworking Teacher, Craftsman with Wood


  • Uncle Henry's Tie Clasps

    The crazy quilt border showcases lots of ties and the ties hanging below show off the tie clasp collection. Lots of fun

  • Vintage Aster

    This is an orphan block form the 1920's with a lace that my great grandmother made. I added the antique buttons, and put it all together for a vintage aster. The background fabric is also vintage.

  • Ty and Beth's quilt

    These are photos that Beth took and I transferred and quilted. The leaves are applique, and what fun to see on their bed!

  • Fishing Frenzy

    This bed quilt has over 60 embroideries and lots of applique. It is about as traditional as I get in the piecing, but was tons of fun to create!

  • Second Time Around

    Best of Show AQS Paducah 2010 Best of Show Mid-Atlantic Wearable Competiton 2010 Second Place International Quilt Show Houston 2011 First at Sun Prairie WI Show 2011 This three piece wool ensemble was made from pre-worn garments. It was embroidered, quilted and tailored into a coat, skirt, and vest.

  • Stitchery- Long Winter Sampler

    This quilt won First in Houston and was adapted from Jill Zillmer's pattern. I used Sue Spargo's book Creative Stitching to inspire the stitches used. My husband read three books aloud and I listened to hours of podcasts during the long winter in Wisconsin!

  • Art Quilts

    This was inspired by a picture by daughter in law took in the garden. There is texture, and color in this art quilt!

  • Artfully Quilted Bike and Helmet

    Winters are long here in Wisconsin, and I use my bike to exercise so I pieced my bike with bright fabrics! A little Modge Podge and It is ready to go!

  • He's Watching You

    This was inspired by a photo, and started during a class with David Taylor. It is one of the few pieces that I hand appliqued, but the result was worth it!

  • Deeply Rooted in Embroidery

    This hanging has many techniques including hand dyed fabrics, stitchery, photo transfer, 3 Dimensional objects, and thread art with Solvy. My mom and grandmothers all did embroidery or crewel work and left a legacy.

  • Button, Button, Who has the Button?

    This quilt hanging displays a variety of my husband's buttons, and a variety of quilting stitches. The yarn is made from soybeans.

  • Money Doesn't Grow on Trees

    First Place in AQS Paducah Show in 2004; Best of Show Janesville,WI RVQG show 2005; First Place at the Sun Prairie, WI Show;Third Place at the Pennsylvania National Quilt Show 2004 This outfit has trapunto, and real coins on it. It has crystals, and the vest is actually dyed batting.

  • Mixed Media Family Treasures

    The Quilted Collages use vintage orphan blocks, lace, and buttons. Photos are sewn in place and other mixed media and obects have been added for details and creativity to shine. This is a wonderful way to combine vintage pictures, and "green" objects that were to be discarded, but now are a treasure!

  • Licks of Love

    This piece is part of a traveling exhibit of Nancy's Notions 2016 in a Black and White Plus One Challenge

  • What's old is new again

    This vest was made from rust dyed fabric. It is a Diane Erickson pattern. The skirt is a recycled garments. Antique buttons finish the look. There is a purse to match. Honorable Mention at the Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival in 2008

  • Mom's Earrings with Grandma's Butterflies

    A showcase of vintage fabrics makes this quilt! The center is an old pillowcase and it is surrounded by tatting. There is vintage rick rack, and mom's earrings are the heads of the 30's fabric butterflies.

  • Garden by the Recycling Center

    This large quilt hanging is from recycled wool garments made into leaves and vines. The flowers are handcrafted wooden buttons. The fabrics are batiks. There is solvron and yarn for texture. Third place at Quilt Expo Madison WI 2010

  • Grandma's Wearing Leather

    This closely stippled vest is a Diane Erickson pattern. The front has a bit of leather. There are antique buttons, and an earring for a hook. The fabrics are mostly batiks. Best Machine Craftmanship at Pacific International Quilt Festival 2007. Honorable Mention at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival 2008.

  • Swimming in Circles

    This art quilt includes machine embroideries, raw edge applique, and piecing.

  • Ultra Fun Adventures

    This is a result of my trip to Alaska, and I have included the pictures we took there. I embellished them and quilted on them, and now I have the great memories! Third Place the Denver National Quilt Festival in 2007

  • Teach Some Bunny to Quilt

    This garment incorporates photography, angora yarn, applique, and quilting. Honorable Mention at Pennsylvania National Quilt Show in 2000. this was the first garment I entered in a National Competition.

  • 1967 Thru the Window of My Memory

    In 1967 my Holstein cow won Grand Champion at the 4-H fair so the picture in the front is that memorable day! I love using vintage doilies and the texture of hand embroidery.

  • Airing Great Grandma's Quilt

    The quilt transfer is a quilt that my Great grandmother made in 1865. She was a farmer's wife. In the window is a picture of my Mom and Dad. It has won awards in several local shows.

  • Critters Wearing my Clothes

    This is an applique quilt with from old wool skirts. The pattern is by Rosemary Makhan.

  • Apron and Hankie Quilt

    No apron was cut up in this quilt. The apron pockets are copies and contain a vintage hankie. This was entered in a traveling show by the International Quilt Show in a special exhibit in 2013-14.

  • Teaching Memories

    I collected the thread off the floor for one semester in my Seventh grade classroom, and appliqued it to the background of this wallhanging. There is teacher "stuff" on the quilt, and many photos of my students.

  • Special Date Night

    This wool jacket is quilted in several motifs with a computerized longarm, and includes hours and hours of hand stitchery.

  • Church banners

    Church banners are my praise to the Lord! This one is paper pieced and was made during my recovery from cancer in 2012.

  • Wool wall hanging

    This was a challenge quilt contest winner using Fairfield batting. It was in a calender in 2013. The flowers are 3 D and made from wool.

  • quilted doll dresses

    The quilted doll dresses are all from hankies! The book Hankie Couture by Marsha Greenburg is helpful, but she doesn't quilt her dresses. How fun for a little girl to play with the dresses made from the hankies her greatgrandmother used!

  • Hankie Crazy Quilt

    This crazy quilt uses hankies and photos of old postcards. There are many embellishments and vintage laces.

  • Decopodge chair

    I took an old chair and covered it with bits of fabric and the first piece I ever embroidered (in 1965) and did the whole thing with decopodge! I love it! I have done my bike...and suiltcases and....what is next? I try to add a vintage linen somewhere!

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